Sunday, December 16, 2007


Dear Santa,
Please don't mess up this time.....


One (1) tall, hot, long haired pirate.

Must have love of sea, large dogs, take out foods, comic books, winter beavers, rum and pirate life.

Should be able to securely lace as well as unlace a bodice without undue fear or anxiety. Odor of sweat, leather and gun powder a plus.

IMPORTANT: Should have strong back and willingness to redundantly shovel staggering amounts of CNY snowfall whilst braving a blustering nor'easter with a 165 lb. Labordor Retriever standing in path panting like moron.

Idiot mittens and shovel provided.

Ship optional as I am desperate.

Addendum: Am willing to relocate with proper bucket boots and hair length.
Send photo of boots.

MLRF '07

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

me thinks you need to hurry
Snow and more Snow
me grand ship is under foot of snow
and me mask has icicles and me sail stiff as a board
me shove the deck full of snow
and me Jolly Roger is not Jolly
he be haven frown ...
Mad Peg
P. S. Good Luck...
Maybe can give me left overs? wink!