Monday, September 28, 2009


Ah, the Wee Bonnet......more time consuming yet, oddly, easier to make than all the other chapeaux.....go figure.

Hmmmm.....the things a hat can teach you.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So, on to: HAT #4...THE ADVENTURE!

Hat #4 was started with a loftier goal in mind than that of all the other hats, namely: Gracing my head.

Now that I knew what I was doing (I figured) I had greatness in mind for this chapeau. Two toned....the perfect battered button.....lush plume falling just so......oh, this was going to be the hat to make all the other hats jealous!

So then, why is that not my head in the photo you ask all innocent faced.
(Well, those of you on MySpace and Facebook who get more views.)

I'll tell you.

The whole thing ended in a bloody battle on my back deck and the hat won.

Oh, it started out pleasant enough but the damnable thing just kept slipping and sliding and the interfacing mocked me and the worst part is no matter how big I cut these bloody things they end up shrinking in the sewing process. The millinery faux pas (Seika-here we go. What's the plural of faux pas?) that go on inside my hats would turn a respectable hatter mad! They're my Dirty Little Hat Secrets. ;)

It was rather like what the White Queen told Alice: "It's out of temper. I don't know what's wrong with it. I've pinned it here. I've pinned it there. There's no pleasing it!"

So, I let the chapeau have it's way and we were both the happier for it.
The hat took shape.....I began to like the way it turned out and the whole process went back to what it was originally intended to be....going forth and making hats.

I call this one the Paddington Pirate I imagine that this would be the chapeau Padding Bear would choose were he to turn pirate.

And I like this hat. I like it a lot. Even if I can't wear it.

There's lots of things I like. And want. I'm just not willing to pay the price for them. Like cable TV with all the channels and real hardwood floors, and a high paying corporate job or a relationship that only half works.

So unless I'm willing to focus intently....measure exactly....cut precisely......and (shudder) follow the rules set forth by professional milliners
I'll just have to take my chances on creating the perfect hat that fits.

So, back to the Tea very own chapeau is still out there.