Sunday, December 31, 2006



"Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the Black Flag and begin slitting throats."
~Henry Lewis Mencken 1880-1956

"Even Pirates, before they attack another ship, hoist the Black Flag."
~Bela Kiraly

"Set sail without an anchor. If you don't have one you can't be tempted to use one.
I believe the successful pirate should never rest his sails."
~The Great Pirate Squirrel Manning in "BUSINESS PLAN FOR PIRATE'S 101"

"Ne'er trust a silver platter."
~Tim Curry as Long John Silver

"Th' quickest way t' a pirate's heart be through 'is ribcage."

"No time wasted...straight up along side...every gun brought to play...and the Prize boarded."
~Cap'n Calico Jack Rackam's plan of attack

"Half-cocked and fully-loaded."
~Last complaint filed against Foxmorton by potential beau

"The best means of defense is attack."
~the Piratess Grania O'Malley



A broadside straight

A broadside well

A broadside rang her sweet Death Knell

But if ye've unfinished business to quell

Know ye Foxmorton will see thee in Hell.



Mimi Lily Rose Foxmorton

Drunk & Sunk

MLRF 'o6


(though not necessarily made by the Superhero himself...)

4. "We are who we choose to choose!"
~Green Goblin SPIDERMAN

3. "Too few characters out there, flying around like that, saving old girls like me."

2. "This is astounding! Am I a spider with the limitations of a pig? Or a pig with the proportionate strength and agility of a spider? I've become something greater than either spider or pig....I've become SPIDER-HAM!"
~Peter Porker THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-HAM Marvel #15 May '87

1. "I am a hero who never fails! I cannot be bothered with such details!"
MLRF '06

Saturday, December 30, 2006



(plus one...)

4. Barn's burnt I can see the Moon.... ~masahide

3. Know you...normal be not a rather denotes a lack of courage... ~from Practical Magic

2. The optimist expects the winds....the pessimist complains about the winds....
but the Pirate adjusts the sails... ~anon

1. I refuse to get upset for a guy who'll eat Borscht all his life in a hat like a tea cozy. ~amelie

"The Great Elsewhere..."

~Don Quixote
MLRF '06


Who can say? I think it's human nature to feel compelled to answer them.

1. What color is your hair? Which time?

2. What color are your eyes? Which ones?

3. What size jeans do you wear? 7 on a good day (but 4 days a month I wouldn't ask me that
question if I were you)

4. Do you wear glasses? Only when I want to see something or annoy random men in bars.

5. The Desert Island know the one. Which:

Book: Don Quixote

One Beauty Item: Moisturizer. No, soap. Wait, toothpaste. Wait......
Um....moisturizing soap that doubles as a minty fresh tooth paste
with an attached Daisy razor. (and refills) (combined)

Companions: My Yellow Dog and Pooter Cat

Person You Would Most Hope To Run Into: Long John Silver

What you would be most afraid of: SPIDERS!

Skipper or the Professor: Gilligan

You would die without: A notebook and a box of pencils

Natives have threatened to chop off your head and stick it on a pole.
What would you offer them to change their mind?
Acting lessons with the promise of a tight little production of A CHORUS LINE
if they behaved.

Ok. Enough of the Island.

6. Favorite Male Movie Star: Charlie Chaplin (sorry, Johnny....I still love me....)

7. Favorite Female Movie Star: Bette Davis (god, that woman had guts!)

8. Favorite Meal: Rare-rare steak and salad

9. Favorite Dessert: Black Forest Cake

10. Favorite Drink: Lavender Lemonade

11. What is important to you in a relationship? Loyalty excluding any and all else
(well, that and clean underwear)

12. Describe your Dream Man: Tall, fragile, mysterious, loyal, long thick hair,
willing to play, self-reliant, complex, a pirate at heart,
a best mate I can sleep with
(Hmm. I think I just described my Dog. Except the self-reliant part but it's not his fault
because he was born without thumbs. Well, that and he's kind of short....though not in Dog Height....)

13. Who is your soul mate? Joe

14. The one thing you hope to never lose: My imagination.

15. Earliest childhood memory: My Uncle Whitey putting me in a plaid stroller in a rocky
driveway. There was a white house to my right. I was
wearing one of those lacy baby bonnets. Uncle Whitey was
laughing. (I loved my Uncle Whitey.....)

16. Person you would most like to meet: Dalai Lama

17. Most devastating thing to happen in your life: The day my cousin George was murdered.

18. Carrots or peas? Corn

19. Favorite Super Hero: Underdog! (but only because I know Spiderman's not real)

20. Major negative impact in your life: The "Apple" incident.

21. Coolest thing to happen to you in 2006: Won the Talk Like A Pirate Buccaneer Bachelor
writing contest!
(But, there's still 28 or so hours left to 2006.....
anything could happen!)
MLRF '06


"Why? Why? Why do I need a blog?"
"Because it is time." said Merlyn. "Trust me."

It wasn't the first nor will it probably be the last time I listened to one of my closest mates and kindred spirits. Though, you'd think I'd learn. But, I love that she loves me and wants me to have a life. Sometimes more than I do. And so, I follow her advice.

I peeked in at MySpace...yeah, THAT'S not gonna happen. I'd probably figure out the control panel on that Death Thing whatchamacallit space ship before I had the time, patience and where with all to maintain that kind of real estate. I'm absolutely no good at making things sparkle with a computer. I still write in bed with a pencil and notebook for pity's sake. I can't even force myself to use ink until I'm really sure of what I want to say. Plus, people are always dropping they sometimes do on a Saturday when all I really want is my pirate jammies...a Dunkin' Donuts large hazelnut (4 Splenda's-extra cream) a snuggly place under my Yellow Dog and my siamese cat for a head piece.

Plus, I was afraid to take the 'What Color Crayon Are You? quiz.

I compromised. I though, a blog seems one even knows I'm in here.
And so, I can write. Which is all I ever wanted to do anyway since the first grade when I got this fat, gold star at the top of my paper: 'See Spot Be Happy'....something like that. I don't remember the story but (and I am not making this up) I still have the star. Of course, that's also the same day that Sister Mary Supressyercreativity smacked Odd Gerald in the head with a ruler for being "stupid" (I'm not making that up, either), I was a little conflicted after that. Catholic school will do that to you. It was shortly after that that I fell out of favor when I started using all the "wrong" colors on my color book assignments. And adding things that weren't "supposed" to be there. (Look! I felt the tree needed a purse and some sunglasses. WHAT is the big deal?) You've NO idea what kind of an uproar that can cause amongst a bunch of nuns in full habit on an excessively hot June day in a school without air conditioning.
I believe my report card said "overly dramatic" but they were always careful with stuff like that. Parents were paying tuition.

Designing the front page of this blog was actually what got me hooked. Color! Oh, how I love color! The inside of my head is crammed full of color, images, ideas and thoughts all fighting to find its way out! Ordinary life, the kind of life that most other people live, holds not much interest for me.....but, oh.....give me a creative project and that's when I'm the happiest! That and when I'm living my life on paper.

I'm lucky. I work in the arts. I have a job that allows me the freedom to pursue project after project of my own choosing and put it out there for the public to see. Research, art, storytelling, piracy, character creation and all my wildest dreams get center stage in my little corner of the world. It's a tiny corner. But it's my corner. And it makes me happy. I like being happy in my work..... and that makes all the difference.

Originally I was born in Heidelberg, Germany and quickly whisked away to a small Catholic orphanage near, what they tell me, was The Castle. And (long story) I ended up here.
Though I don't remember it I'm pretty sure I must have had a window overlooking said Castle....and that's where all my fairytale wishes began. Sadly, they never went away.....which makes for rough seas out there in the (shudder) Real World. The absolute lack of pirates, gnomes, faeries, knights, sprites, elves and noblemen (not to mention men on horseback) walking about the streets is always something of a shock to me.
Though, if you think about it it's pretty amazing that I never dated a NYC horse cop.......
or a Mountie....hmmm...I never thought about a Mountie........huh, maybe I'll try moving to Canada.......

I'm not sure exactly who to thank but I'm grateful everyday that the gods and goddesses saw fit to bless me with a way to do Really Weird Crap whilst getting paid enough to buy groceries and the odd bit of pirate swag. I worry that I keep up to their expectations. And so....I create.
Sometimes to my detriment......but that never stops me from still coloring the grass blue.....

I'm feeling more confident about this site. It's starting to become mine now that I've mussed it up with all my words and colors. If I'm lucky I'll figure out how to fancy it up with little pirates and pictures and things that sparkle. But for I am....just me.

I thought to make Merlyn even happier by taking the "What Color Crayon Are You?" quiz....
but I already know the answer: I'm the WHOLE bloody box!