Saturday, December 30, 2006


Who can say? I think it's human nature to feel compelled to answer them.

1. What color is your hair? Which time?

2. What color are your eyes? Which ones?

3. What size jeans do you wear? 7 on a good day (but 4 days a month I wouldn't ask me that
question if I were you)

4. Do you wear glasses? Only when I want to see something or annoy random men in bars.

5. The Desert Island know the one. Which:

Book: Don Quixote

One Beauty Item: Moisturizer. No, soap. Wait, toothpaste. Wait......
Um....moisturizing soap that doubles as a minty fresh tooth paste
with an attached Daisy razor. (and refills) (combined)

Companions: My Yellow Dog and Pooter Cat

Person You Would Most Hope To Run Into: Long John Silver

What you would be most afraid of: SPIDERS!

Skipper or the Professor: Gilligan

You would die without: A notebook and a box of pencils

Natives have threatened to chop off your head and stick it on a pole.
What would you offer them to change their mind?
Acting lessons with the promise of a tight little production of A CHORUS LINE
if they behaved.

Ok. Enough of the Island.

6. Favorite Male Movie Star: Charlie Chaplin (sorry, Johnny....I still love me....)

7. Favorite Female Movie Star: Bette Davis (god, that woman had guts!)

8. Favorite Meal: Rare-rare steak and salad

9. Favorite Dessert: Black Forest Cake

10. Favorite Drink: Lavender Lemonade

11. What is important to you in a relationship? Loyalty excluding any and all else
(well, that and clean underwear)

12. Describe your Dream Man: Tall, fragile, mysterious, loyal, long thick hair,
willing to play, self-reliant, complex, a pirate at heart,
a best mate I can sleep with
(Hmm. I think I just described my Dog. Except the self-reliant part but it's not his fault
because he was born without thumbs. Well, that and he's kind of short....though not in Dog Height....)

13. Who is your soul mate? Joe

14. The one thing you hope to never lose: My imagination.

15. Earliest childhood memory: My Uncle Whitey putting me in a plaid stroller in a rocky
driveway. There was a white house to my right. I was
wearing one of those lacy baby bonnets. Uncle Whitey was
laughing. (I loved my Uncle Whitey.....)

16. Person you would most like to meet: Dalai Lama

17. Most devastating thing to happen in your life: The day my cousin George was murdered.

18. Carrots or peas? Corn

19. Favorite Super Hero: Underdog! (but only because I know Spiderman's not real)

20. Major negative impact in your life: The "Apple" incident.

21. Coolest thing to happen to you in 2006: Won the Talk Like A Pirate Buccaneer Bachelor
writing contest!
(But, there's still 28 or so hours left to 2006.....
anything could happen!)
MLRF '06

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