Friday, December 14, 2007


Captain Jax: "All right you Pirates! Ready to sing your song?"
Violet: "I'll say we are!"
Mad Peg: "Aye!"
Grayson: "Let's sing it now!"
Captain Jax: "Okay, Mad Peg?"
Mad Peg: "Okay!"
Captain Jax: "Okay, Grayson?"
Grayson: "Okay!"
Captain Jax: "Okay, Violet? Violet? VIOLET!"
Violet: "OKAY!!!"

Pirate Yuletide time is near.

Time for rum and time for beer.

We're not good don't be aghast.

Hoist the colors up the mast.

Want an eye from which to look.

Me I want a golden hook.

Steal some booty from your mate.

Please Yuletide don't be late.

Captain Jax: "Okay pirates get ready.
That was very good, Mad Peg."
Mad Peg: "Naturally."
Captain Jax: "Very good Grayson."
Grayson: "Ahhh!"
Captain Jax: "Ah, Violet, you were a little flat, watch it.
Ah, Violet. Violet. VIOLET!"
Violet: "OKAY!!!"

Pirate Yuletide setting sail

Drain your tankard of it's ale.

Pillage, raid and plunder too.

Sailing forth on seas of blue.

Want a treasure chest of loot.

(Violet:) "Me I want a bucket boot....."

The hempen noose shall be our fate.

Please Yuletide don't be late.

Pirates, pirates celebrate.

Pirate love and pirate hate. (Arrrrr!)

Wish we could stay here all night.

But British have us in their sight.

Now that point is rather moot.

(Violet:) I still want a bucket boot......"

The hempen noose shall be our fate.

Please Yuletide don't be late..........

The hempen noose shall be our fate.......

Please Yuletide don't be late........................

Captain Jax: "Very good, pirates!"
Violet: "Lets sing it again!"
Mad Peg & Grayson: "Yeah, lets sing it again!"
Captain Jax: "No, That's enough, lets not overdo it"
Mad Peg: "What do you mean overdo it?"
Grayson: " We want to sing it again!"
Captain Jax: "Now wait a minute, pirates...."
Violet: "Why can't we sing it again?"
(pirate fight)
Captain Jax: "Violet, belay that......
Mad Peg, just a minute......
Grayson, will you cut that out?


(pirate fight)


Pirated by Violet from Alvin & the Chipmunks Yule 2007

Presented by Captain Jax and the Brethern of the Inland Seas

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Anonymous said...

luv this!
can't wait to sing it!!!!!
Mad Peg