Thursday, October 30, 2008


Of course, the REAL question is: Who would win in a war....FOXMORTON or ZOMBIES.......?!

(*Foxmorton indulges her Darker Side this day....
Feel free to indulge with me!*)


Mimi Foxmorton said...

(and I DO adore this cartoon!) :)

It's interesting....and fully long as you don’t run out of bullets....
Like I said....LOTS of undead!

Cap'n Kevin
(Where pirates love to drink!)

Ahh Cap' are th' Voice o' Logic an' Reason ye are......

Eric the forgetful said...

Hey Mimi, you're not the only one fighting zombies this week. My campus is hosting a game of Humans vs Zombies tag!

Anonymous said...

Zombie To be or not to be~
The epidemic originated in the southeastern United States.
So We New Yorkers Are Safe
No Southern or Zombie Like Snow!
The cause is believed to be from high-level radiation
brought to the Earth from the Explorer Venus probe
The European Venus Explorer (EVE) is a mission proposed to the European Space Agency (ESA), for launch in 2016-2018.

The EVE mission would focus on the evolution of Venus and its climate, with relevance to terrestrial planets everywhere.

This would be an international project, with participation from across Europe, Russia, the USA, Japan and Canada.

So another thought This didn't happen yet...
So where did the Zombie come from?
Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

So I would feel all men will be come Woman ~ Zombie Slaves
We woman would be am immune to Zombie Virus
Unless bitten by one ~ So must keep them fed at all time with raw meat....

So I say Foxmorton would win
She know how us the sword
and she to smart not to win
Zombies can be killed by a bullet or sharp blow to the head.
"Kill the brain, and you kill the ghoul".
LadySunf10wer~Mad Peg

Mimi Foxmorton said...

(seriously guys......are you all afraid of my blog....?)

"I waited til All Hallows Eve to respond to this--Pirates RULE!!!, ZOMBIES...drool."

~Libby Boswell

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Ahoy then Eric th' Forgetful......
then I says.......TAG! YE BE IT!
(Arr! Arr! Arr!)

Here's hopin' ye be on th' PIRATE side........!

Fair Winds.....
Miss ye on deck......
~Cap'n Mimi

Anonymous said...

But the question remains...if the zombies eat the wrong sorts of brains--people with ADHD, Alzheimer's, frat boys after an allnight kegger, or excessive narrow-mindedness, will they be able to concentrate long enough to FIND, let alone eat the pirates? I think not.

Advantage: Pirates--they do need superior brain power to plot, to sail and to still be able to do those things after drinking to excess!

Mimi Foxmorton said...



1: If zombies can't think...and are only drawn by the smell of live meat.....then how can they say: "Brrrraaaaiinnnnsssss."?

The zombie virus re-activates the Medulla Zomblongota, a normally dormant part of the brain that controls shambling, moaning, and cannibalism. It's close to, but just barely connected to the speech center of the brain, so it has a very limited one-word vocabulary. Normally the word it takes is 'brains', but sometimes it gets confused and says stuff like "bicycle" or "moose" or "M. Night Shamalan".

2: Do zombies eat dogs?

They probably would, but since dogs can sense zombies from half a mile away, most of the time they'll head for the hills before a zombie can even show up at your front door. Unless your dog is teathered, legless or just really, really fat, they're not in any danger.

3: If so, they why are there no zombie dogs? (Or cats for that matter. A zombie cat would be EXTRA mean.....)

Becuase even though most dogs are dumb, zombies are even dumber. Even an incontinent chihuahua could outsmart and kill a zombie. And pee on the body afterwards (little known fact: dog pee keeps fallen zombies from rising up again). And zombies are scared of cats.

4: If Yellow Dog became a zombie do you think he'd recognize me?

As his next meal, maybe. But I wouldn't worry about that- as stated before, dogs and housepets in general are quite resourceful with taking out the undead. He'll probably end up cutting off his own paw and replacing it with a chainsaw (or an eggbeater, if a chainsaw is unavailable) and take out zombies that way. Or even better, become half-vampire like Blade and kill them with his magic vampire kung-fu powers. The only downside is that he'd probably get really dizzy sleeping upside-down.

5: What is the best zombie shooting video game?

I've only played one- Dementium: The Ward for the Nintendo DS. It's where you wake up in a hospital during a thunderstorm. The lights are out, the rooms are a mess, there's blood everywhere and the place is crawling with zombies and mutants. Haven't played it in a while, but last time I did I took down a crazy zombie in a wheelchair who had a gatling gun for an arm.

6: If you are "dead inside" does that give you zombie status?

Technically, no. But you better shoot those people just to be sure. Or at least beat 'em up real good.

Hope that helps!

Mimi Foxmorton said...


Hmmm.....I always KNEW pirates had superior brian pow.....hey, look! A bunny rabbit!