Sunday, October 26, 2008


October 26, 2008

In keeping with the Season we pause in this blog to remind you that today is
WORLD ZOMBIE DAY, which also asks us to reflect: Who would win in a war....PIRATES or ZOMBIES? Discuss.

Happy World Zombie Day!
Party like a Zombie!
(and do something positive to end world hunger!)



Anonymous said...

Pirates would win! We got knife sword, cannon balls and wooden spoon to scoop up brains......
Mad Peg

Mimi Foxmorton said...


"This is just a naked ploy by the powerful Zombie lobby to get a jump on Halloween. Is there no end to their political machinations?"

Vote Slappy

"Do zombies have cannons and cutlasses? I didn't think so. Therefore,pirates win.

UNLESS they're zombie pirates, like in PotC. Then pirates won, based on sneakiness.


"Methinks the zombies would win - but the pirates would have one hell of an end o' the world party.


Mimi Foxmorton said...


"Wait... I just realized... didn't the first Pirates of the Carribean movie basically settle this?"


Nay....Zombie Pirates don't really count as that's like saying Zombie Foxmorton or Zombie Spakman.......

Thinking, working, flesh pirates by day..........zombies only in the moonlight......
I don't think so...........

Not truly a zombie with impulse control.........

Mimi Foxmorton said...

(though for the life of me Foxmorton can't figure out WHY you all are emailing and MySpace messaging......the blog is HERE!)

zombies should be slow, so's you can bonk them on the heads with sledgehammers and other blunt objects. I don't like the faster version zombies, they make me very scaaaaaarrrrryyyyyy !!!!! They must be eating the brains of serious coffe or speed freaks. That say I !!!!!!

Zombiely yours,
Braaaaaiiiiiinnnnssss !!!!!

Cap'n Jax

Aye.....the newer faster zombie scares the crap out of me.......especially that one without the legs that goes real fast on that pipe.....

And just when we finally had an Emergency Zombie Procedue in place...........

It just ain't right I tell just ain't right........


Jolly Crackers said...

Let's look at the facts, shall we?

1: Pirates have decent mechanical and engineerin' skills, such as knot-tyin', cannon-firin', door-barrin' and bomb-makin'. Zombies are baffled by doorknobs.

winner: Pirates

2: Pirates can outrun zombies, even when drunk.

winner: pirates

3: Both pirates and zombies have poor hygiene, so both pirates and zombies can walk amongst each other without notice for a while.

winner: stalemate

4: To make more pirates, pirates have to go into town, fill out forms, sign waivers, pass sailing inspections, purchase cabin boy insurance... for zombies, all it takes is one bite.

winner: zombie

5: Pirates can swim and operate a ship. Zombies sink to the bottom of the ocean and get crushed by the water pressure while fish nibble their rotten bums.

winner: pirate

6: Pirates are notorious drunkards, while zombies are as sober as a starfish.

winner: zombie

So... looks like pirates win. Drinks all around!

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Ahoy Jolly Crackers!


Trust you to be the 'logical' one!
(Missing you and your humor by the way......)

~Cap'n Foxmorton

Mimi Foxmorton said...

(at least he has a good excuse.....)

Ummm I visited your blog but I am so technologically inept that I don’t know how to weigh in on the debate….just for the record,I think the Zombies would win by sheer force of numbers…lots more undead than pirates.

~Cap'n Kevin

Mimi Foxmorton said...


No PotC Zombies are not zombies...
they are curse-ed.
not full of virus zombie pus.


merlyn said...

Ahoy! (thanks BTW fer transferring me other comment o'er here...havin' a gale force wind topside and couldn't find the damn blogspot).

Ugh, well there's two ways t' look at it, know ye.

Zombies are Ugly, smelly, dirty, pox ridden creatures that have a one track mind.


so are pirates now that I mention it.

I am votin' PIRATES.

I be thinkin' that Zombies be good sport and I shall have some on my blog on myspace ( or on my blog reader's list.

There's nothin' like a good Zombieque in time fer Guy Fawkes Day and the Election :)

Both have something in common with Zombies AND Pirates if ye gits me drift :)

fair winds and aim fer their heads mate.

Capt. Merlyn o' the Lusty Avenger