Sunday, August 5, 2007

WHEN PIRATES GET SILLY Wilff, the Gnome who lives in my house, (story for another day) told me that
I was to blow bubbles at Mars on August 28th for my heart's desire. I've learned not to question Wilff....ever....(trust me) so myself and a dear friend have made a pact to do just that.

Knowing Wilff's sense of humor as I do he can't always be trusted to get the story straight. So, my friend inspired me to write this request in hopes that Wilff will see fit to send me my heart's desire.

(side note: Willf knows my real heart's desire is to be a full time author....but if I get a pirate out of the deal I'm not complaining! Hmm....I wonder if it's too much to ask that his name be Jamie MacDougall......?)


Before I lays me down t' sleep
I prays fer a Pirate what's not a (*bleep*)

One who be chivalrous, long haired and tall
One who ain't got no gear at all.

One who'll think afore he speaks
One who'll worship me fer weeks.

I pray he's tactics t' employ
Will be his own Pirate an' ne'er annoy.

And, if wit' a kilt an' burr he came
Well, you would na find it in me t' complain.

Please let him be strong an' firm wit'out measure
If that be th' case then he'll reap my treasure.

Knows what to do behind closed door
Will shiver me timbers an' pray to do more.

Oh, send me a Pirate who'll engage me mind
And I would na complain if he adored me behind.

I pray t' Neptune his love will ne'er abate
Will sail wit' me as me equal an' mate.

MLRF '07


Anonymous said...

I be blowing bubbles too
make'n wish or two
I hope for health and happiness
but, I just take affectioness
warmness, and tenderness
Be he pirate, pauper or prince
Its been long since!
Mad Peg

Mimi Foxmorton said...


Verra well.....but know ye.... I'll not be settlin' fer less than a pirate!