Saturday, September 29, 2012



Past the very edge of the Horizon
Where no live mate may dwell
Docks a pirate ship
That's oh, so grand
Or so the legends tell.

She floats in clear, blue waters
Off the sands of a tropical beach
And try as we might to find her
She's out of the live pirate's reach.

Her name be the Pirate Ship Sea Grace
And her one, great job it be
To welcome the fur and the hearts and the paws
Of our four-legged friends gone to sea.

They frolic and tussle and bound forth
They pillage and plunder it's true
For the ache in their auld bones has left them
And now they are waiting for you.

For when an old pirate takes his last breath
And crosses that far distant sea
The Sea Grace will be there for welcome
And your loyal matey will be there to greet thee.

Together again for eternity
Your Jolly Jack flying with pride
The wind in your hair
A wet tongue on your face
In your pirate ship fore'er side by side.

wrought by Mimi Foxmorton
c. 2004 

Posted this day for my Goat Sister, Teresa, from EDEN HILLS
and her loyal mate, Mushu, who did Go Gently and with Blessings this day.
Fair winds, Mushu, and a followin' sea, good boy.........


Anonymous said...

Thank you. What a beautiful and comforting poem.

Stephen Hayes said...

Great poem and lovely memorial to a special pooch. I thought about you last week when my optometrist told me I had a lazy eye and needed to strengthen the muscles with an eye patch. Now at night when I watch TV I do it in style, like a pirate.

Stafford Ray said...

Arrrr me mateys, I lift me tankard in honour of your Piratey Pooch as he gives up his barque for the Sea Grace.