Monday, September 24, 2012


Ahoy, mates!

Just had to take a stop and share with ye a most wondrous bit o' booty that washed up upon
 me shore this day!

The very creative and talented, Eye Be Odorless Eyes-a pirate of note- well know in the Community-
and me VERY FIRST pirate mate, lo' those years ago of first dippin' me toe int'
 Dangerous Buccaneer Waters......sent me this-a work by his own, hook:

Funny, eh, what makes yer day!
I ain't ne'er seen ana-thing so beauteous afore!
Hell, I ain't e'er LOOKED so beauteous afore! ;)
And I can't say as I'll e'er look as beauteous again!  lol

No doubt there'll be a good deal o' me obnoxious braggin' this day!

I raise me tankard t' ye, me dearest Eyes!
Yer a fine mate!

Hear!  Hear!

*hugs an' piratey lovin'*

And while he were gearin' up for me breath takin' beauty at sea.......ol' Eyes sent these along as well!
I could-na feel more honored nor special!


Foxmorton at Faire

Victorian Violet Moorfields and Vardo


fengirl said...

wonderful pics as always xxx

Anonymous said...

How lucky to have such a good mate!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Seriously, I'm feeling extremely left out. I will take intense pirate lingo classes, so I can be fluent next year ;-)