Thursday, September 29, 2011

Willow Manor Ball 2011

Well, THIS sounds like absolutely TOO MUCH FUN!
I can't wait to....attend!
What a lovely and creative idea!
I can't wait!

Oooo!  What will I wear?


Cheryl Cato said...

The Willow Ball is the cyber-most destination on October 12th! Isn't it wonderful? I love your poster and look forward to chatting with you at the ball.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

I most heartily agree!
I shall be writing from the Ball at this blog:

See you there, dearie!



Cheryl Cato said...

Hello Mimi... can you see me waving at you???

Mimi Foxmorton said...

I can, dear! Now come over here and have a drink with us! :)

FireLight said...

You said it all about "a place where artists play or live" in your comment at Willow Manor....and wasn't it just too DIVINE! You were so glamorous!