Thursday, June 4, 2009


With the help of two very fine musicians and my dearest friend,
Violet's song,Th' Hangin' o' Violet Moorfields is up on line.

Here are the details!

Ahoy Pirates!

Thanks to Mad Peg and her trusty computer skills
Violet's Song is up!

My heartfelt thanks to Dan Cleveland and Ron VanNostrand
from Home Slice (Common Taters)for immortalizing me in song!

You can find Violet's entire story at
under Th' Hangin' o' Violet Moorfields: Th' Noose Ain't Loose
or on MySpace at

And thanks to everyone for all your support!

For more debauched piracy check out our page at:

1 comment:

lscollison said...

You deserve to have songs and ballads written for you and about you.

And thanks for commenting on my blog, dearie. You make me want to get back to the open seas and my pirate ways. I do love all your quirky, talented, outrageous ways. And your red hair.