Sunday, July 22, 2007


"Hey! You got chocolate on my peanut butter!"


Serious 'Tales from Remikreh' reenactor Captain McClain collides head on with frivolous CHAOS Productions pirate Foxmorton in a melding of skills to produce what they consider to be a most excellent Pirate Family Event!

Blending the historical reenactment, weapons and combat skills of McClain's top notch crew with the educational children's theatre presentations of Foxmorton's Street Pirate crew both see endless opportunity on the horizon in keeping history, legend, theatre, comedy and allegory real and alive for our audiences of the future....our children.

Well, that and for piracy.

Captain McClain (Matt Blush) is the coordinator of 'Tales from Remikreh' a combat choreography group based out of Herkimer, NY since 1997. He met Foxmorton when, in a fortuitous incident, she asked him if he would have his crew of pirates attack her bus load of senior citizens.

He did.

Remikreh's goals are to inspire and educate the next generation of entertainers.

They do.

Contact Blush at:

Foxmorton is a children's theatre director since she decided that wearing a white nurses uniform to work everyday was boring.

It is.

Her goal is to create enough plausible excuses to wear her pirate garb to work on a regular basis without anyone paying attention.

She does.
They don't.

The two plan to succeed at this off beat business related (ad)venture.

They will.


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