Thursday, July 26, 2007


Walking the Plank

For the most part, walking the plank is a Hollywood myth. There are a few accounts that people were forced to walk the plank by Pirates of the South China Sea. There is also one account that Bartholomew Roberts forced some of his captives to walk the plank. However, the accounts are suspect at best. Still, pirates were known to come up with some rather ingenious ways to torture their captives so it is quite possible that some enterprising fellow with a sharp sadistic mind would've come up with such a devilish plan.

For the most part pirates preferred the time-honored method of a "heave to". That is , they picked up the culprit and simply tossed him/her overboard.

Hoping to debunk the myth once and for all Foxmorton chooses the former.

MLRF '07


Anonymous said...

Is there Be sharks in thee deep blue sea?

I love that image !
Long Legged Christy~

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Nay....jus' a frustrated seabeaver.....