Friday, May 18, 2007


Ahoy Blaggards!

Meself, Maggie Pricklebottom & Saltina Morgan arrrrr proud t' say we gave
our blooood in helpin' t' Free th' Pirates!
(An' we ain't sorry t' see our names up on th' big screen neither!
We figger we got as much time as that there dog in th' easter egg end scene o' PotC II........we're good wit' that.)

So, go t'......
an' see our glorious monikers!

Ye knows us....ana-thin' fer a credit.

(Ye can also watch fer us as 'extras' in DON JUAN and MIGUEL's new movie due oot...well....sooner or later. We be wenches # 112, 113 & 114 respectively......or somethin' o' that nature. Do na blink! Th' indie movie be called THE ADVENTURES OF DON JUAN AND MIGUEL:
an' what used t' be called THE HUMP OF DESTINY but is now called BERNARD, I think, but I wish it were still called THoD because it would have been really cool to tell people that. Ye can follow the production at an' figure it oot because we do na really know ana-thin' aboot it....we jus' showed up an' did what we were told. But support it ana-way as they are neat an' talented' more importantly...they let us be in their movie.)

Fer th' record though....I got t' be a 'stander" an' a "mover" whilst Mags an' Saltina only got t' be
"sitters" an' "stayers". I ain't gloatin'.....jus' pointin' oot a fact. (insert innocent face here)

So......that be our story.
Ain't th' Pirate Life grande?!
Fair Winds!

Pirate On!

ps. An' do na give me grief that th' addresses ain't clickable.....I could na figure it oot. ~f.

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