Monday, June 13, 2011


My ultra-serious thrift shop score!

I was completely blown away to find them, just sitting there all together, calling my name: Fox-morton........Fooooox-morton............

They appear to be hand made, artist markings to be found.
Not a single chip.
 How could they possibly have survived the trip?

Celtic drinking horns.....?

Turkish tobacco holders....?


What say ye?

(Though whate'er they are....they are drinking horns now!) ;)

I am ashamed to say what I paid.


Thank you, Universe! I promise to care for them well!


Crafty Green Poet said...

these are amazing, no idea what they are though!

I really like your beach collage on your other blog too, but for some reason (known only to Blogger) that blog won't let me comment...

Claire the Shepherdess said...

These are totally cool! Love them! Shall have to send you a wee bottle from my collection!

Stafford Ray said...

Arrr Jim lad, could they be powder horns for ye olde musket now?
Probably not, being made from very unbccaneery China, so I guess spice dispensers.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Arr! I know not, mates! But me favorite guess were from Cap'n Slappy: Itish Coffee Travel Mugs


'Tis good t' find booty!