Monday, April 18, 2011


Today's piece of found treasure was discovered in the best of all ways: In a box by the side of the road labeled FREE!

I was driving through the country one day and there it was. Free.

I netted some other finery, unused lace, bows and old trim. A hurricane lamp, an ancient wooden magazine rack. But the vintage purse, little used, was a true find.

And I still can't help but wonder; who throws this stuff away?

Dolly, my doll to the left, was made by me from the found lace and trim.
One of my beloved characters, Violet Moorfields, a raving Bedlamite, carries her to explain her escape from the assylum.

While they continue to search Vioet for the cell key they are positive she must possess they uh, never quite find it...........


I can't imagine my life without junque and treasure and old things that other people have touched. I like to think that their energy makes me who I am.


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