Thursday, August 20, 2009


Foxmorton's Chapeaux Adventure

Being the Summer of Naught for me for reasons that require a blog of their own I'm finding that being shackled inside my home for the summer has afforded me the opportunity to create 'till my heart's content. And that's a very good thing.

Early morning coffee on the sunny deck, pencil and notebook in hand, I've done more writing under less stress than I've ever done before in my life. I've nowhere to be and absolutely zero responsibilities other than keeping my self washed, fed and alive. Rather a blessing in disguise and I don't intend to waste a single, glorious moment.

But with days that stretch to the next bowl of blueberries or afternoon nap with the dog one finds that reading and writing, delicious as they are, will only fill up so much time and space and so one begins to search for something just a wee bit more creative to do. And so, in a fanciful burst I decided to make hats.

Do I know how to make a hat? No.
Do I ever use a sewing machine? Nope.
Do I have the slightest clue as to how to begin, much less finish, a hat? Nay.

And why should that stop me?

Googled about and came upon a site that pretty much reflected my way of thinking: (and here I paraphrase) 'I don't know what I'm doing and certainly not by millenary standards so please don't tell them I said this because none of what I'm about to tell you is actually correct by the professionals and they get touchy about that but here's the basics of what you need to know, now.........(and here's the part that stuck with me)....

How absolutely beautiful is that?

Go forth and make hats.

You don't need to know what you're doing.....just go forth and make hats.

And so I did.

Hauled out some old brocade I didn't mind sacrificing and went at it. Started small (baby sized) just to see if I could do it and I ended up with THE wee-est, most perfect hat! I amazed myself.

And it's all done by hand (as I eschew machines of any kind). I'm not saying it looks like how I envisioned when I started-it sort of evolved as I went along-but as it grew into a chapeaux shape I was just so proud! It's quite jaunty if I do say so myself! I think I've a knack fer it.

And it's rather like me this summer.....not the shape I envisioned but evolving into something rather wee and yet grand all at the same time.

Of course now I'm fabric obsessed and can't wait to make many, many more and elaborate non-baby sized hats but hey, a wee bit of Chapeaux Therapy ne'er hurt a soul.

So bottom line.......I've staved off psychosis for another few days and save me your unwanted brocade scraps. (please)

Fair Winds......and remember...... take time to create.........

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Anonymous said...

A grand chapeaux it be indeed. I think you need to consider doing some toques,bed caps or fatigue caps as well--they have a natural bit of flop to them, and can be made from fleeces, wools and velvets--and they only have, like 3 seams. Start with an offside triangle, do 2 side seams, and finish off the bottom seam all round. Top off point with lovely tassel, if desired.