Friday, April 11, 2008



It appears that pirates have held hostage yet another group of tourists whilst they were cruising
off the coast of *Somalia but it's not like they didn't let them go again.

*See: Foxmorton's Essential Vacation Tips: Location! Location! Location!

You'd think they'd learn.....the pirates, I mean.....
I've spent a week on a ship with the 'Cruising Set'.....I know why they released them.......

I've said it before and I'll say it cannot get that much milage from a single pair of silk
underwear I don't care what they said in Heloise Hints!

But imagine being on vacation and being captured by pirates!**
(sigh) Some people have all the luck!
Once I took 50 senior citizens to a third world island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and all
that happened was we got dirty looks from the skinny pigs when we were eating our lunch.
And skinny pigs are unpredictable too. You don't ever want to turn your back on one.
But it's not the same as pirates.

**(Please dispense with the: "Real pirates are really bad people and will kill you or worse etc." emails. Thank you.)

But I think I'd be a good person to have on board if the ship were ever attacked by pirates.
I'd just say something like: "Take me to your leader." Or maybe just "Arrrrr!" and then leave the rest to fate.

I bet I'd get a good seat at the Captain's table, too!


I think they were probably going to talk about those pigs......but I had to get into the shower........

Till next time....

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