Tuesday, September 25, 2007


"It is quite still now above and below, except when the great mains'l gives itself a shake, as if impatient for a gentle breeze, now it is held in confinement by a reef or two.
But I say, keep quiet mains'l a little while, have patience, these black clouds will disappear e'er long."

"Then Jack and Bill with Tom and Harry
Will loose and hoist you with a song right merry
But you must wait so pray be still
Let tired sailors sleep that will."

~Mary Rowland 1857


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Anonymous said...

I wonder if in different time we knew each other?

Maybe we lived in the same town by the sea?
We watch the ships come in from are secret place up high on the cliff. Morning breeze gently blow are hair. Every once in while feel the sea mist on our face. Being brave walk down to the beach run barefoot in the sand. If we were caught surely we be punish for not being lady like! but we are young of 10. we sit on rocks and dangle our feet in the cold water. look up in the clouds making shapes of the man we marry or animals we heard about but never seen with our own two eyes.
We giggle and laugh at the young men with no shirts on going up the riggn or loading the ship with crates and barrels. We always made game out tryn to guess what was inside.
we listen to the waves crashing, the seagulls squawking and the men singing their lusty songs of their adventures. We just dream of day when we can have are own adventure. But know we have get back help mom with the chores...