Sunday, April 29, 2007



For your print out pleasure.
I be puttin' together a Pirate Colorin'/Historical Book and this be the test page!
It be for the knipperkins (pay attention to that you debauched scallywags.....)
I thought to be usin' a wee bit o' visual arrrrtt' gets me point across in me theatre classes!
If ye wants to be considered for bein' magnatized on refrigerators all o'er
th' world.....send me your portraits! Pirate pics only!
The LESS detail the better! Big, simple the kind I has between me ears!

I'm thinkin' I look a whole lot better as a coloring book page!
I'm also thinking that any day I should be gettin' me self a life...........

Fair Winds an' keeps a weather eye out fer.........
The kids'll thank thee!
They'll also color ye in with odd crayon colors mostly out of the lines.....
but that be the price ye pays for refrigerator fame!

Fair Winds and me thanks!

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